Most aspects of financial planning deal with accumulating financial resources for specific lifetime purposes. In legacy planning, the focus is on saving what you accumulated and passing it on according to your wishes. The Legacy planning area, even more than other areas of financial planning, is sensitive to matters other than finances. For many of our clients, dealing with the subject of death is very difficult. A failure to act in the past may contribute to this difficulty.

We understand the process is more than a straightforward financial analysis. It is our role to carefully draw out your goals, to inform you of the tax and other consequences, and to recommend planning strategies.

    Legacy planning goals often relate to one of the following basic concerns:

    • Reducing the estate tax bite
    • Providing adequate estate liquidity
    • Preserving and directing the disposition of assets according to your wishes

    Accomplishing your Goals

    In order to accomplish our goal to help you save what you have accumulated and assist you in passing it on accordingly, our process may include fact-finding and discussions on the following:

    • The Estate Tax Calculation
    • State Death Taxes
    • Cash Requirements at Death - Estate Liquidity
    • Wills
    • Testamentary letter
    • Durable Power of Attorney
    • Avoiding Arobate
    • Executors Marital Deduction
    • Life Insurance Trusts
    • Charitable Trusts
    • Planning for the Family Business Owner
    • Split Interest Arrangements
    • Lifetime Gifts
    • Generation Skipping Transfers
    • Post-mortem Planning
    • Planning Strategies

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