Retirees looking for more income may discover a windfall by making a smart Social Security income election. The financial collapse of 2008 has resulted in historically low yields on fixed interest investments. Real estate values have declined and the labor markets have softened resulting in large numbers of Americans staying in the workforce longer. The difference between a poor and a truly sound Social Security income election can result in excess of $300,000 over a married couples retirement lifetime—in today’s dollars. In some instances the election decision can mean several hundred thousand in additional retirement income. We have the tools to do the analysis and show the strategy to receive the maximum benefit you are entitled to. The Social Security Administration office will not help you achieve this.

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Our Social Security Seminars offer a unique overview of  the Social Security program. We discuss Social Security basics and strategies to maximize your benefits helping  you to “MAKE YOUR PLAN”. Our informative seminars will answer all questions you might have about Social Security and help you create a strategy for you and your spouse’s retirement.

We will discuss the many questions pertaining to Social Security and your future:

  • How much will you receive from Social Security?
  • When should you apply for Benefits?
  • At what age should you take Social Security Benefits?
  • Whose account should you take Social Security Benefits?
  • You can switch your benefits. But when?
  • What strategies are available to maximize your Social Security Benefits?
  • We will discuss unique lifestyle situations – divorced, widowed, children.
  • We will discuss the “Restrictive Application” and “Claim and Suspend” strategies.
  • Max social security benefits

Join us for one of our workshops. Learning more about what exactly you can take advantage of at your full social security retirement age will make a huge difference when your check comes in every month.

Learn how to “MAKE YOUR PLAN” to take control and to get your Maximum Social Security Benefits. Register for one of our workshops by clicking the button below!

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